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Apple Tree Grafting Workshop with Tom Burford and John Hoskins at Pharsalia. 9AM to 11:30AM. Tom is an internationally known orchard consultant and author of the award winning Apples of North America. John is an heirloom apple enthusiast who maintains an orchard at his farm in Forest, Virginia. Fee for the workshop includes a grafting knife with your registration. Please bring your own hand pruners with you. During the 2 1/2 hour grafting workshop, participants will receive root stock and scion wood with detailed instructions on grafting two apple trees to take home. Apple varieties for grafting will include: Black Twig, Cox Orange Pippin, Ben Davis, Empire, Pome Gris, Stayman Winesap, Siberian Red Crab, Golden Russet, Harrison, Arkansas Black, Grimes Golden and Smokehouse. Available varieties of local historical importance will include: Albemarle Pippin, Cannon Pearmain and Ralls Janet. You will leave the workshop with the skills needed to graft your own nursery stock and to preserve endangered apple varieties for future generations. Apple trees will also be available for sale on this day. Space is very limited. Fee. Register in advance: https://www.pharsaliaevents.com/upcoming-events/2019/3/16/apple-tree-grafting-with-tom-burford-and-john-hoskins 434-277-5231.

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