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The Importance of Symbolism in 19th century Funeral Monuments at Nelson Memorial Library. 2PM to 4PM. Speaker: Sergei Troubetzkoy. The 19th century saw great changes in the manner in which people in the United States honored the dead through the design of cemeteries, as well as through tombstones and mausoleums which often incorporated funereal symbolism. Mr. Troubetzkoy will discuss the evolution of cemetery landscapes and how cemetery designs inspired the growth of public parks which were also a creation of that era. Attendees are also invited to bring any additions or changes to be incorporated into the revised edition of Cemeteries of Nelson County, planned for publication in Spring 2020. There is no charge and everyone is welcome to attend. The program is sponsored by the Nelson County Historical Society www.nelsonhistorical.org 434-263-8400.

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