Yes. Please note that water drips from the top and sides of the tunnel interior constantly, creating ruts and puddles on the tunnel trail path and is a natural occurrence. The east trail leading to the tunnel has little elevation change. The west trail is best for experienced mountain bikers and has steeper hills. See below:

East Trail to East Tunnel Entrance Length 3,346 feet (0.63 miles); net change in elevation +37 feet, max. grade 5.3% for 150 feet, most of the rest of the east trail is < 1.6% ; avg. 1.5%

Length of Tunnel 4,273 feet; change in elevation +55 feet; average grade 1.3%

West Trail to West Tunnel Entrance Length 4,279 feet; change in elevation +175 feet; grades range from -17% to +19% for lengths of 150+ feet with grades over 5% for a majority of the trail; average grade is 6.5%; max grade 19%. One section includes a concrete mat stream crossing that may have water flowing over it during or shortly after rainstorms. Trail width is 10 ft.

Cross Slope 1-2% for the entire trail.

East Trailhead to West Trailhead: 2.25 miles.