As the morning sun breaks over Main Top Mountain, it reveals one of the Blue Ridge’s greatest hidden treasures, Second Creek Farm vacation rental in Montebello, VA. This century-old farm is situated on what is considered one of the most beautiful landholdings in the area. Native trout streams abound on the 108 acre property – the pond is spring-fed, with a dock and adirondack chairs for sitting and relaxing. White rocking chairs line the front porch and remind us of how uncomplicated things used to be.

Just a short walk away from the Appalachian Trail and the Montebello Trout Hatchery, the farm is within a 10 mile radius of several family owned apple orchards, horseback riding, superb trout fishing, the Blue Ridge Parkway and what is considered some of the best hiking in Virginia.

274 Seaman Lane
Montebello VA 24464