Crabtree Falls

The highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi – a series of 5 major cascades and a number of smaller ones that fall a total distance of 1,200 feet. The first overlook is handicapped accessible and just 700 feet from the parking lot off route 56. The more adventurous hiker may continue to other overlooks, about 2 ½ miles to the top at Crabtree Meadows, where the trail ends and connects to the Appalachian Trail.

Crabtree Falls

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Quarry Gardens at Schuyler

Natural area and botanical garden for public education and enjoyment. Schuyler has been the soapstone capital of the world since 1880’s. Six quarries under these gardens were worked from 1950s to 1970s, then used as dump-sites, and finally abandoned to grow wild. Now the gardens around these quarries include 40 acres of habitat and plant communities in various eco-zones with more than 600 species of plants and animals found on site, 2 miles of walking trail, native plant galleries, demonstration garden, and visitor center exhibits.

1643 Salem Road
Schuyler, Virginia 22969

Montebello State Fish Hatchery

The Montebello Fish Hatchery is a few minutes west of Crabtree Falls, an amazing place to visit with the whole family. There are separate holding pens for the different species of fish, as well as the different sizes. This hatchery produces and stocks streams around Virginia with 150,000 Brook, Rainbow and Brown Trout each year.

Watch the excitement of the kids when they toss their first handful of fish food into a pen. The trout will swarm as they all race for the food. A fun activity for the family and educational too!

359 Fish Hatchery Lane
Montebello, Virginia 24464

Walton’s Mountain Museum

The Walton’s Mountain Museum showcases the television show of the 1960s, “The Waltons”. Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of The Walton’s, grew up in Schuyler and many of the scripts were based on life as a boy in Schuyler, VA. The museum displays replicas of rooms on the TV show, such as John-Boy’s Bedroom, Ike Godsey’s Store, the kitchen and living room. A 30-minute video featuring Earl Hamner, Jr. and the stars of “The Waltons”, hundreds of photographs and pieces of memorabilia, and a gift shop are in the museum.

The museum is open daily except during the winter months. Check the museum website site for opening date and times of operation.

6484 Rockfish River Road
Schuyler, Virginia 22969

Walton Hamner House

Waltons-Hamner-HouseThe house was built in the early 1900s as a company house for the large soapstone company in Schuyler. From 1929 until 1940, the house was the boyhood home of Earl Hamner, Jr., novelist and scriptwriter and creator of the well-known television series, “The Waltons”. Many of the writings of Earl Hamner were based on life in the house, village and surrounding area. It is a white frame house with a soapstone foundation, a common feature of company homes in the village. The Hamners bought the house in 1936 from the company and it remained in the family until 2003. The present owner has restored the house and placed it on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Tours of the Walton Hamner House are available seven days a week, beginning every half hour from 10 AM until 4 PM.

128 Treetop Loop
Schuyler, Virginia 22969