Trail Information & Map

The tunnel is open for public access from sunrise to sunset. Parking is available at both trailheads. People may visit from sunrise to sunset. Easier access on the east for those seeking a less strenuous experience (and is recommended for accessible/handicap access).

Visitors are required to follow Covid-19 protocol*, including 6ft physical distancing, no large groups, do not touch anything, and pack out your trash. We encourage face masks and recommend returning at a later date if the parking lots are full. With the Governor’s new directives regarding Covid-19, we recommend coming back another time to visit if the parking lot is crowded. Visitors must follow protocol: physical distancing (6ft), no large groups, and we encourage visitors to wear masks.

Trail Map

West Trailhead

Tunnel Map West Trailhead

West Tunnel Portal (entrance) to Western Trailhead: Length 4,279 feet (0.81 miles); net change in elevation +175 feet; grades range from -17% to +19% for lengths of 150+feet with grades over 5% for a majority of the trail; average grade is 6.5% max grade 19%.

One section includes a concrete mat stream crossing that may have water flowing over it during or shortly after rainstorms.

Trail width is 10 ft. Cross Slope 1-2% for the entire trail. Surface material: crushed stone.

Download Map (pdf)

East Trailhead

Trail Map East Trailhead

Distance from East Trailhead to East Tunnel Portal (entrance): 3,346 ft. (0.63 miles) net change in elevation +37 feet, max. grade 5.3% for 150 feet, most of the rest of the trail is < 1.6% ; avg. 1.5%

Length of Tunnel: 4,273 feet; change in elevation +55 feet; average grade 1.3%

Download Map (pdf)